turbine-filters-6Filter performance is critical to CT performance. The experience your installation company provides is directly related to the designed performance the filters are engineered to provide. If you have non-skilled personnel providing your filter are engineered to provide. If you have non-skilled personnel providing your filter replacement services, you most likely are compromising proper filter installation. General labor contractors have no understanding of the critical role that 100% correct installation of the filters, play in your CT Performance.

“EOL” (end of life), is typically determined by Dp (differential pressure) of the filters. This is sometimes very difficult to determine when the filters are installed incorrectly. This will definitely hinder good judgement on the decision interval to change the filters.

In order to prevent damage to your turbine or a reduction in efficiency of your system, it is important to replace filters as they reach the end of their life.

We realize that it is important to get your filters removed and replaced on a planned schedule. Gulf Coast Filters will provide an execution schedule that safely meets your outage timeline.

GCF offer Filter testing thru Qualified Testing Laboratories as well as filter replacement services with qualified field service personnel. Our attention to detail, assures proper installation practices, resulting in improved reliability for you Power Production.

inlet profile viewGulf Coast Filters’ filter and replacement services offer the following benefits:

  • Customized change-out plans to fit your goals and timeline
  • Highly skilled service technicians work in a safe manner, in accordance to your site’s safe work practices
  • A systematic approach to filter removal, replacement, and installation
  • Careful consideration of alignment, tightness, and sealing on the tube sheet to avoid filter bypass.

Gulf Coast Filters offers superior filter removal and replacement services that you can depend on. Let us optimize your system by creating a custom filter change-out plan specialized for your needs.