evap lifted - replacementChanging the media within an evaporative cooler will help ensure that the unit continues to operate at peak efficiency. This task is best performed by a qualified and experienced service technician who is familiar with the equipment and trained at spotting and preventing any potential problems. Gulf Coast Filters offers this type of high quality evaporative cooler media replacement services.

Our evaporative cooler media replacement services guarantee a CELdek deterioration inspection to help you closely monitor the condition of this important cooling media. We check for proper caulking and ensure the correct spacing of the CELdek and drift eliminator.

Gulf Coast Filter’s cooler media replacement services also includes a testing of your unit’s distribution header to ensure that it is working properly. Additionally, we will examine your sump components, pump, and orifices to ensure that all of these are also functioning correctly. Finally, our cooler media replacement services come with annual inspections to ensure that your unit is continuing to operate at optimal cooling performance and to alert you of any deterioration.

damaged on installIn summary our evaporative cooler media replacement services include:

  • Inspection of CELdek media for deterioration
  • Inspection of all caulking
  • Inspection of CELdek and drift eliminator spacing
  • Testing of distribution header
  • Testing of sump components, pumps, and orifices
  • Recurring annual inspection of cooling performance and potential deterioration.

These evaporative cooler media replacement services will go a very long way toward maintaining and improving the performance of your evaporative cooler. Gulf Coast Filter is committed to providing you with excellence in service and can assist you with all of your evaporative cooler concerns.