donaldson installedFor many companies, their combustion turbines are one of their most valuable and expensive pieces of equipment. It is imperative that these critical path components stay running, efficient, and well protected from the harsh particulate and highly corrosive chemicals that are common in the environment in which they exist. A key way of doing this is by installing and maintaining proper filtration for the conditions, keeping the filter house in good condition, and testing and replacing filters when necessary. At Gulf Coast Filters makes this easy for our clients with our comprehensive filter services. These services include the following:

Filter Testing – Our experienced, skilled technicians will remove and test your existing filter and determine its remaining life. We will provide you with thorough test reports such as air flow, dirt load, DP, and media degradation so that you will know when it is time to replace your filters.

evap install 2Filter Removal and Replacement Services – Our filter removal and replacement services include a change-out plan that is formulated specifically to meet your business timeframe and goals. Our technicians give careful consideration and thorough review of filter alignment, tightness, and sealing. We aim to protect your turbine from premature fowling or other damage.

Filter House Inspections – Our filter services include quarterly inspections and testing as part of the annual maintenance contract. We will inspect filter installation, filter cleanliness, and proper yolk and clip assembly, while also checking for rusty frames, leak paths, and other signs of damage. The inspection comes with a fully detailed report with recommendations and is usually completed with an average one day turnaround.