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Selecting the right turbine filters service company to maintain and care for your system is crucial to protect your investment and to keep it running as efficiently and reliably as possible. Making this important selection for a service company can be a daunting prospect because most companies are focused primarily on their day-to-day business activities and often do not understand the technical aspects of their filter system well enough to easily match the skill and quality level of potential service companies. We highly recommend taking the time to understand the main service points to look for and combining that with an assessment of the general qualities and values of the company will go a long way toward helping you make an informed decision.

Important Services of a Qualified Turbine Filters Service Company:

  • Installation Services –
  • Installation services include the installation and startup of new equipment such as filters, piping, electrical installation and cooler settings. The company should be able to make this process as smooth and efficient as possible.

  • Maintenance Services –
  • Maintenance services include system audit reviews, filter element replacements, evaporative cooler media and reservoir water quality assessments, self-cleaning pulse systems, and monitoring of air compressors, valves, and sequential timers

  • Inlet Air System Retrofit and Refurbishment Services –
  • These services include anti-icing and upfront heating systems, power augmentation for evaporative coolers, chillers, and fogging systems, silencing and noise reduction and inlet air ducting, filtration enhancements, and repair or replacement of the filter house or other inlet air components.

  • Inspection Services for Filter House –
  • Inspection services should be performed on the filter house to check filter cleanliness, confirm the correct installation of filters, and to check for rusty frames, leak paths, damage, and proper yolk and clip assembly.

  • Testing Services –
  • Testing services should be performed on the filter to determine airflow, dirt load, DP, and media degradation. This helps determine the filter’s remaining service life and alerts the company when it is time to replace it.

  • Filter Removal and Replacement Services –
  • When the filter does need to be replaced, proper removal and replacement services should include careful consideration of the filter’s alignment, tightness, and sealing on the tube sheet in order to avoid filter bypass. Correct filter removal and replacement will help ensure that the turbine does not experience premature fowling of its rotor.

  • Evaporative Cooler Services –
  • Services for evaporative coolers should include media deterioration inspection and evaluation of caulking and the correct spacing of the media and drift eliminator. Testing should also be done on the distribution header, sump components, pump, and orifices to ensure that all are working properly.

Service Characteristics of a Professional Turbine Filters Company

In addition to the practical services listed above, a good, well-qualified turbine filter service company should also embody the following characteristics.

  • Improvement of Efficiency –
  • A primary goal of the service company should be in maintaining and wherever possible improving the efficiency of your turbine system. The company should be able to spot problems and provide recommendations for restoring the system to correct operating levels.

  • Quality Standards –
  • The service company should also be able to keep your system operating at all quality standards and according to all industry regulations and requirements. For instance they should be able to ensure that no contaminants are flowing downstream of the filter house.

  • Experience –
  • Experience and good training matters. It is essential that the service company have the experience and background it takes to handle the job, to anticipate and prevent problems whenever possible, and to correct any issues that do occur in a timely manner.

  • Professionalism –
  • Professionalism will ensure that the service company takes your company’s time seriously and values your business. Good traits will include reliability, integrity, and a commitment to doing the job done and getting it completed thoroughly and efficiently. The crews themselves should also be respectful and courteous.

    Hiring a turbine filter service company is a major decision and not one to be taken lightly. In addition to the above qualities it is important that the company be compatible with the overall values and goals of your company and that you feel comfortable working with them. At Gulf Coast Filters we are dedicated to meeting or exceeding all of the qualities discussed above and we will also take the time to develop a close, professional working relationship with each of our customers and to address all of their questions and concerns.

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