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Turbine filter testing, like many aspects of maintenance, is often very tempting for turbine owners to put off or ignore completely. The reasoning is usually that as long as the turbine is working there isn’t a problem. Compounding this excuse is the fact that many businesses are so busy with their day-to-day operations that they simply forget about turbine filter testing. These negligent attitudes to filter testing are certainly understandable from a human nature perspective, but that doesn’t make them an acceptable way to treat an asset and investment as valuable as a turbine. That is because there are multiple important benefits of turbine filter testing.

The Purpose of Turbine Filter Testing

The main point of turbine filter testing is of course to gauge the condition and efficacy of the turbine filter. This is crucial because the information revealed by the filter test will help determine when it is time to replace the filter and when the filter can be safely left in place. Prematurely replacing the filter would create an unnecessary expense, while waiting too long to change the filter run the risk of causing serious damage to the turbine such as corrosion or fouling. A clogged filter will also negatively impact the efficiency of the system. Thus regular filter testing is an essential part of good filter management and a vital part of an overall maintenance program.

Key Aspect of Filtration

Turbine filters performing differently depending on the conditions that they are exposed to and the demands that are placed on them. That makes it imperative that the correct type of filter be selected for a given turbine system based on the needs of the particular system. Filter testing helps reveal how effectively the filter is handling these demands. Key aspects affecting filtration include:

  • Flow Rate
  • Humidity
  • Pressure
  • Particulate Size
  • Particulate Type
  • Capacity of the Filter

The Benefits of an Effective Filter System

There are several major benefits to maintaining an effective filter system. These benefits should be enough to convince even reluctant turbine operators to perform regular filter testing in order to monitor the status of their filter system. Such benefits include:

  • Turbine Preservation –
  • An effective filter system protects the turbine from fouling or corrosion, extending its lifespan.

  • Lower Maintenance Costs –
  • Because the turbine receives the protection mentioned above routine testing and replacement of filters helps lower overall maintenance costs.

  • Improved Efficiency –
  • The turbine system is able to function more efficiently with a good filter in place. This improves its output and helps the owner lower their energy bill.

  • Better Reliability –
  • An effective filter system helps protect the turbine from outages and unexpected downtime.

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