img3The evaporative cooler is an important part of your gas turbines operation and, it is imperative that you keep it running at optimal performance levels to assure proper cooling. Gulf Coast Filters offers full service evaporative cooler commissioning and media replacement services that keep the inlet air cooling system functioning as designed.

Our experience evaporative cooler technicians will conduct a full inspection of your system and will ensure that the cooling system is operating per design. We understand the importance of testing the system and, as such, will perform both dry run and wet run testing.

Sometimes, minor tune-ups and replacements may be necessary. Gulf Coast Filters’ evaporative cooler commissioning services provide these tune-ups on your sump, pump, or meter as needed. We can also replace any worn out seals, gaskets, or caulking.

clean side tube sheet slide showGulf Coast Filters’ evaporative cooler commissioning services provide the following benefits:

  • Full inspection of your system to ensure all is working properly
  • Experience technicians conduct necessary repairs annually, and testing as part of the commissioning process per the OEM requirements
  • Provides sump/pump/meter tune-up, as well as evaluation and replacement of seals, gaskets, and caulking

Gulf Coast Filters is dedicated to excellence in evaporative cooler commissioning. Our technicians are experienced, knowledgeable, and professional. We will keep your evaporative cooler system running its best.