evap install home pageAny company operating a combustion turbine simply cannot afford any prolonged downtime, lost efficiency, and other mechanical breakdown as a result of poorly maintained or malfunctioning evaporative media cooling system or its components. Here at Gulf Coast Filters, we understand how crucially important a correctly functioning evap. cooler is to the efficiency and long term health of a CT. That is why we offer a range of premium services and maintenance options as they relate to these complicated and often overlooked systems. We will help you prolong the serviceable life of the media, distribution headers, pumps, mist eliminator, and any additional components, and keep it running at or near peak manufacturer specifications. Our evap cooler services include:

Evaporative Cooler Commissioning

Our evaporative cooler commissioning services include a full inspection of your systems. This inspection includes corrosion inspection for both the wet side and dry side of the evap section, flow testing, blowdown testing, and evaluation of both the evap and mist eliminator media. Because our inspectors are thoroughly trained by industry leading manufacturers, we can also detect if the media has been incorrectly installed which, if left uncorrected, can lead to catastrophic failure. Both dry run and wet run testing is part of the maintenance contract. We will also provide sump, pump, and flow meter tune-up, and will carefully evaluate, and wherever needed, replace seals, gaskets, and caulking.

Evaporative Cooler Media Replacement

Our evaporative cooler media replacement services are designed to keep your turbine running at maximum efficiency, as well as increase the time between major outages and to keep your media in peak condition. Our services include Cel-Dek media deterioration inspection, testing of the distribution and blowdown headers, evaluation of the sump, pump, and other system components, and a close examination of the Cel-Dek and mist eliminator to ensure proper spacing, alignment, and orientation.


Experienced Field Service Crews

The key to our success as an evaporative media cooler service company lays with vast experience of our field service crews. Our service crews are composed of highly skilled, completely professional technicians who have the experience, industry training, and qualifications it takes to get the job done quickly and efficiently.