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Selecting the right turbine filters service company to maintain and care for your system is crucial to protect your investment and to keep it running as efficiently and reliably as possible. Making this important selection for a service company can be a daunting prospect because most companies are focused primarily on their day-to-day business activities […]

Routine filter house inspections are essential to preserve the performance of your gas turbine system. Performing regular filter house inspections will also help minimize downtime and unexpected outages. However, for a filter house inspection to be effective it must be thorough and should include several main components designed to protect and enhance the turbine system. […]

Turbine filter testing, like many aspects of maintenance, is often very tempting for turbine owners to put off or ignore completely. The reasoning is usually that as long as the turbine is working there isn’t a problem. Compounding this excuse is the fact that many businesses are so busy with their day-to-day operations that they […]

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